Arts Integration


Arts Integration

The Kennedy Center's perspective on the principles and best practices for arts integration

Kids and Culture


Beyond Food & Fiestas

Practical ideas for creating authentic cultural experiences for your students

Man speaking into microphone


Speak Up for the Arts

As a teacher you can help parents become strong arts education advocates

Music Matters

Take Five

Music Matters

Incorporating music makes content lessons more exciting and memorable. And it's easy to do!

Science Museum


Growing from STEM to STEAM

How to get started blending arts, sciences, math, and technology in your classroom and curriculum

School Board Meeting


Reaching Out to School Board Members

How can you make an impact on your student's educators?

Educator Making the Case


Arts Education: Making the Case With Legislators

Educators offer voter- and data-driven advocacy



What’s in Your Arts Education Advocacy Tool Kit?

An overview of the KCAAEN Arts Education Advocacy Tool Kit

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How-To Finder

Get tips, guides, and articles to support teaching in and with the arts



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Article: Poets and Puppets: Learning English
Help English-learning students build language and communication skills through poetry and puppetry

Portfolio Assessment

Article: Portfolios: Assessment Across the Arts
An introduction for arts educators to portfolio assessment

Students Dressed in Costumes

Article: Process Drama: Taking a Walk in Someone Else's Shoes
Process drama is an imaginative tool for non-arts teachers and students to explore issues and solve problems

School Board Meeting

Article: Reaching Out to School Board Members
Use these tips to connect with school board members in meaningful ways to ensure they make arts education a priority

Reading Into Action

Tipsheet: Reading Into Action
Make reading part of your physical education class and exercise students' bodies and brains!

Kids Reading

Article: Reading Through the Arts
How theater and visual arts can help to engage your students to read

Indian Musician

Article: Rhythm and Raga
Learn how to incorporate and teach Indian music in your classroom

Students Dancing

Tipsheet: Shall We Dance?: Foolproof Ways to Bring Dance into Your Classroom
Try these five easy ways to use dance and movement in your classroom


Tipsheet: Social Dances for Upper Elementary
Some fun social dances to try with your upper-elementary-level students

Man speaking into microphone

Article: Speak Up for the Arts
As a teacher you can help parents become strong arts education advocates

Story to Life

Tipsheet: Stories Brought to Life
Learn about ways to increase student participation and skill building during interactive read-alouds

Students Acting

Article: Supporting Artistically Gifted Students
Learn about artistically gifted students and how can others can help them reach their potential

Take 5!

Series: Take Five
Tips and tricks about how to enhance and improve your teaching and classroom

Student Writing

Article: Take Two: Teaching Revision Through the Arts
Find tips on how the arts support revision in the writing curriculum, and differentiate the writing process using the arts

two boys

Tipsheet: Teaching Students about Self-Assessment in the Arts
Introduction to self-assessment strategies involving observation and reflection

Student Critique

Tipsheet: Teaching Students to Critique
Helping your students learn how to creatively critique each other's work

Parent Volunteer

Article: A Team Effort: Volunteers in Arts Classrooms
Learn how to successfully manage volunteers in your arts classroom. Get tips from one visual art specialist who works with dozens of volunteers a year

Hand on Piano

Article: The Key to a Strong Workforce
How to help students learn skills essential to the 21st century workforce in and through arts learning

Student Critique

Tipsheet: Thinking Outside the Test
Introduction to performance assessment, which provides educators with "real-world" arts assessment strategies

Creative Thinking

Take Five: Thought-Provoking Art
There’s no need to divide critical thinking from creativity. The two easily meld into classroom activities with art as the starting point


Series: Tipsheets
Tips for bringing the arts into your daily practice

Child and Adult Using Camera

Article: Why and How to Engage English Language Learners Through the Arts
Enhancing instruction with performing, visual and language arts can build skills, confidence, and understanding for ELLs

Acting Teacher

Tipsheet: What Do I Say?
For the young theater student, a teacher’s feedback can inspire or crush in a matter of minutes. Learn how to assess your student’s work responsibly


Article: What’s in Your Arts Education Advocacy Tool Kit?
This article provides an overview for users of the KCAAEN Arts Education Advocacy Tool Kit

Band of 40th Veteran Reserve Corps

Article: When Music Goes Marching to War
Explore music’s important role in the American Civil War. Includes activities for the classroom

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Use this collection of resources and articles to devise an approach for supporting individual needs in the classroom: from English Language Learners or students with disabilities, to conflict resolution and giving feedback.



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