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National Forum on Careers in the Arts for People with Disabilities

Robert L. Lynch

Robert L. Lynch is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Americans for the Arts, dedicated to increading private and public sector support for the arts and culture to create more access to more arts in more communities across the country. Americans for the Arts was launched in October, 1996 after merging two of the nation’s leading advocacy and grassroots organizations, the National Assembly of Local Arts Agencies (NALAA) and the American Council for the Arts. Among the organizations initatives: spearheading the recent effort to preserve the formula of public support for the arts through increased advocacy, visibility, and public education about the value of the arts and culture. Lynch spent 12 years as President and CEO of NALAA prior to his position at Americans for the Arts. During his tenure at NALAA, Lynch aimed to strengthen and enhance community arts activitiy throughout the United States by working with executive and volunteer leaders of local arts agencies to strengthen systems of support for the arts. For more than 20 years, Lunch has been a speaker and trainer on many subjects; he is an effective advocate. At Americans for the Arts, he is working to increase public and private resources for the arts; strengthen the effectiveness of systems of support for the arts; develop new leaders for the cultural community; further the role of arts education in schools and communities; and increase access to and participation in the arts and culture for all people.

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