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National Forum on Careers in the Arts for People with Disabilities

Arthur Pepine

Arthur Pepine

Arthur Pepine's theater training began at the FAMEous High School of Performing Arts and continued at Brandeis University from which he graduated with a BA in Theater Arts. After eight years in the commercial theater, he joined Robert Brustein as a founding member of the Yale Repertory Theater. Only a scant year after coming to Yale, he sustained a spinal cord injury. Following his rehab he became an Assistant to the Dean directing the Financial Aid Office and faculty advising the student-run Yale Cabaret at the Yale School of Drama. In addition to managing those responsibilities, he has served in a number of statewide advocacy roles and continues to confound the actuaries who refused him life insurance thirty years ago.
Go to Mr. Pepine's paper, "Disability and Training in the Arts"

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