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sheet music

Lesson: First Rhythmic Composition
This lesson introduces students to rhythm concepts, including the names and symbols associated with music notation

Whack a Note

Interactive: Whack a Note!
Use your number pad or mouse to find the right note on the board! Make sure not to hit a wrong one - you'll lose your bonus!

Quackin' Rhythms

Interactive: Quackin' Rhythyms
Learn about tempo with Quackin' Rhythms! Hit your space bar to knock the ducks over in time with the metronome.

arts challenge

Everyday Arts Challenge: Tooth Tunes
Hum your favorite song while brushing your teeth. How much can you belt out before drooling?

arts challenge

Everyday Arts Challenge: Sound of Music
From the minute you wake up till lights out, count how many times you hear music during the course of your day. See how many different kinds of music you find.

arts quote

Arts Quotes: Henry Mitchell
"All anybody needs to know about prizes is that Mozart never won one."

Nnenna Freelon

Cuesheet: Nnenna Freelon
Nnenna Freelon shows us what it takes to be a modern day jazz singer. In this performance/demonstration, she explores rhythm, melody, tempo, and improvisation.
Jazz, Music

Connections: Science + Music

Cuesheet: Connections: Science + Music
In music, you can find real-life examples of concepts you might have learned in science class.
Music, Science

Jason Moran & The Bandwagon

Cuesheet: Jason Moran & Bandwagon: Performance/Demo
Jason Moran, the new Artistic Advisor for Jazz at the Kennedy Center, performs with his acclaimed group The Bandwagon. In this high-energy performance and demonstration program, Moran explores improvisation, technique, and technological experimentation and guides students in what to listen for in jazz.
Jazz, Music

Betty Carter's Jazz Ahead

Cuesheet: Betty Carter's Jazz Ahead
Be among the first to meet the next generation of jazz greats—this year’s graduating class of the international jazz residency Betty Carter’s Jazz Ahead, a two-week program for emerging jazz musicians.
Jazz, Music

Halloween Spooktacular - The Sequel!

KC Connection: NSO Family Concert: Halloween Spooktacular - The Sequel! Web Extension
Additional music heard in the NSO Halloween Spooktacular: The Sequel! program
Orchestra, Music

sad lady

Your Brain On Music: Tearjerkers
Putting the "sad" in sad songs
Composers, Music

Great white shark

Your Brain On Music: Chills and Thrills: Music That Goes Bump in the Night
Creators of spooky tunes know exactly what they are doing to send shivers down the spines of listeners
Science, Music

brain with earbuds

Your Brain On Music: The Sound System Between Your Ears
The amazing sound system in the human brain helps explain why people everywhere fill their lives with music
Science, Music

Science and Music

Connections: Science and Music
The music you listen to? It's scientific! Learn some of the surprising ways science and music connect.
Science, Music

Music and Language

Connections: Language and Music
Communication isn’t just limited to language—music also does the trick. Discover some surprising features language and music have in common
Language, Music

Chorus Singing

Article: Surviving School Chorus
You've been assigned to a chorus. Now what? Some helpful hints for the young singer
Music, Young Artists

Children Singing

Article: Singing in an Ensemble
Learn how to sing with a group of friends, family, or classmates
Music, Young Artists

Know the Score

Article: Know the Score
Talk to your child’s music educator; find out what to do to improve the school's music program
Education, Music


Content & Achievement Standard: Grade 5-8 Music Standard 7
Evaluating music and music performances
Education, Music


Content & Achievement Standard: Grade 5-8 Music Standard 6
Listening to, analyzing, and describing music
Education, Music


Content & Achievement Standard: Grade 5-8 Music Standard 9
Understanding music in relation to history and culture
Education, Music


Content & Achievement Standard: Grade 5-8 Music Standard 8
Understanding relationships between music, the other arts, and disciplines outside the arts
Education, Music


Content & Achievement Standard: Grade 5-8 Music Standard 5
Reading and notating music
Education, Music


Content & Achievement Standard: Grade 5-8 Music Standard 2
Performing on instruments, alone and with others, a varied repertoire of music
Education, Music

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