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Photograph of the inaugural speech of President John F. Kennedy

KC Connection: The Presidency of John F. Kennedy: A 50th Anniversary Celebration
The Kennedy Center marks the 50th anniversary of a remarkable American presidency
Presidents, America, Dance, Music, Theater, Poetry

All is Calm: The Christmas Truce of 1914

Cuesheet: All is Calm: The Christmas Truce of 1914
The a cappella voices of Cantus and actors from Theater Latté Da recall the remarkable World War I truce between Allied Forces and German soldiers on Christmas, 1914. All is Calm brings this extraordinary tale to life with words and songs from the soldiers who laid down their arms to celebrate Christmas.
History, Playwrights & Plays, Theater, Europe

Orphie and the Book of Heroes

Cuesheet: Orphie and the Book of Heroes
Join Orphie, a young girl growing up in Ancient Greece, as she sets sail to save Homer and his Book of Heroes—a quest that takes her from the heights of Mt. Olympus to the depths of the underworld.
Folklore, Greece, Theater

Four Little Girls

Cuesheet: Four Little Girls: Birmingham 1963
Commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Birmingham, Alabama church bombing that took the lives of four young girls, this reading remembers this seminal event in American history and how it helped to galvanize the American Civil Rights Movement.
America, Controversial, History, Playwrights & Plays, Theater

Elephant & Piggie's We Are In A Play

Cuesheet: Elephant and Piggie's We Are in a Play
Straight from Mo Willems’ award-winning book series, best friends Gerald and Piggie sing and dance their way through fundamental questions like, should you share your ice cream? And how can two friends play with one toy? Discover the answers and much more!
Animals, Backstage, Theater, Playwrights & Plays

Man of the House

Cuesheet: Man of the House: A World Premiere Kennedy Center Commission
“Son, I’ve got to go. Now you are the man of the house.” Pablito never forgot those words from his father. Now it’s time to do something about them.
Backstage, Family, Theater, Playwrights & Plays

Me and My Shadow

Cuesheet: Me and My Shadow
Shadows—they’re mysterious, they’re goofy, and they can do some pretty remarkable things. But making friends with your shadow can be tricky. Presented in the form of a visual poem, Me and My Shadow uses a combination of light and shadow, paper and water, fantastical imagery, and intriguing sounds to reveal the perplexities and pleasures of friendship.
Choreographers, Puppets, Theater

Not by Bread Alone

Cuesheet: Not by Bread Alone
What is it like to live in a world of darkness and silence? Find out as the actors of this Israeli theater troupe share their memories, dreams, and joyful moments…while baking bread!
Theater, World Cultures

The Adventures of Robin Hood

Cuesheet: The Adventures of Robin Hood
He robs the rich and gives to the poor. He sneaks around Sherwood Forest with his band of merry men. It’s a tale that has been told a thousand times, but never quite like this!
Theater, Folklore, Comedy

A Midsummer Night's Dream

Cuesheet: A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Welcome to an enchanted world of fairies, potions, mischief, and magic... where actors and puppets present Shakespeare’s classic comedy of fickle love.
Backstage, Shakespeare, Theater, Puppets

Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord's The Suit

Cuesheet: Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord's The Suit
Hearts will be broken in this tragic tale of a wife’s betrayal and a husband’s revenge set in South Africa during the days of apartheid. Can music and wit soften the pain?
Theater, Family, Playwrights & Plays

Treasured Stories by Eric Carle

Cuesheet: A Brown Bear, a Moon, and a Caterpillar: Treasured Stories by Eric Carle
People have used puppets to tell stories, entertain, or teach lessons for thousands of years. In this performance, puppets act out the stories and drawings from Eric Carle's classic picture books The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?, and Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me.
Puppets, Animals, Theater, Backstage

The (Mostly True) Adventures of Homer P. Figg

Cuesheet: The (Mostly True) Adventures of Homer P. Figg
During the Civil War, a small twelve-year-old boy who never even owned a pair of shoes saves his older brother at the Battle of Gettysburg and then helps lead the Union to victory! Sounds hard to believe, but it’s true. At least mostly true. You see, Homer P. Figg will tell any tale to save his brother.
America, Backstage, History, Playwrights & Plays, Theater

The Intergalactic Nemesis

Cuesheet: The Intergalactic Nemesis: A Live Action Graphic Novel
Earth faces an unusual threat—in a very unusual performance. The Intergalactic Nemesis is a live-action graphic novel, which combines hundreds of art projections, actors, and sound effects for this tale that’s part adventure, science fiction, romance, and comedy.
Playwrights & Plays, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Space, Theater


Cuesheet: Baobab
Explore the rich storytelling traditions of West Africa, from music to puppetry, in this mythical tale of one courageous child’s quest to change the history of the world.
Africa, Folklore, Puppets, Theater, Dance

Teatret Gruppe 38's A Sonatina

Cuesheet: Teatret Gruppe 38's A Sonatina
See how everyday items transform through the magic of live performance to help tell the tale of the little girl and the big bad wolf.
World Cultures, Theater, Folklore, Comedy

Nordic Cool 2013

Cuesheet: Nordic Cool 2013
The Kennedy Center invites you to explore the many countries and territories of the Nordic Region through Nordic Cool 2013
World Cultures, Music, Dance, Theater, Visual Arts, Popular Culture, Europe

Teatret Gruppe 38's Hans Christian, You Must Be an Angel

Cuesheet: Teatret Gruppe 38's Hans Christian, You Must Be an Angel
Stories about the ugly duckling, the little mermaid, and the nightingale all came from the imagination of one writer, Hans Christian Andersen. And you’re invited to a theatrical dinner party for him
Folklore, World Cultures, Theater

Backa Teater: Little King Mattias

Cuesheet: Backa Teater: Little King Mattias
What happens when an 11-year-old boy becomes king of a troubled kingdom? Come along and find out as Sweden’s Backa Teater brings a 1923 children’s novel to life on stage as a play—and a problem-solving adventure that requires your help!
Europe, Folklore, Theater

Jason Invisible

Cuesheet: Jason Invisible
Based on the novel Crazy by Han Nolan, this haunting, humorous play humanizes young people dealing with less than perfect families and celebrates the awesome power of friendship.
Playwrights & Plays, Theater, Young Artists

Nordic Cool 2013 - The Hemsing Sisters

Cuesheet: The Hemsing Sisters: Performance & Demonstration
Meet Norwegian violinists Ragnhild and Eldbjørg Hemsing, sisters who have been playing together since the ages of five and seven. Get to know the Hemsing sisters and their musical style as they perform a diverse program of classical masterpieces, in addition to some lesser-known, traditional Norwegian folk songs
Europe, Folklore, Theater, Family

Jackie and Caroline reading

KC Connection: Discovering American Scrapbook
Bringing poetry to life through performance
America, Poetry, Presidents, Playwrights & Plays, Theater


KC Connection: Locomotion
A foster child uses poetry to cope with his troubled past
Playwrights & Plays, Literature, Poetry, Theater

Maria Callas as Norma

Article: Viva la Diva!
A look at some of opera's most demanding female roles
Theater, Orchestra, Music, Tragedy, Opera

Atlanta Opera's production of Cosi Fan Tutte

Article: Cozying up to Così
A guide to Mozart's hilarious romantic comedy
Opera, Music, Theater, Comedy, Composers

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