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Ballerinas Ballet and Classical Music

Ballet and Classical Music

This lesson will introduce students to both conceptual and practical elements of classical ballet.

Russian Folk Dancers Discovering Russian Folk Dance

Discovering Russian Folk Dance

Students will learn the Russian folk dance "Troika." Then, they will work in groups of three (the traditional grouping used in the "Troika") to research Russian culture and history.

Ballerina Elements of Ballet

Elements of Ballet

Explore and discover the elements of dance by demonstrating various simple movements. This exercise will help assess the students’ level of experience and ability.

Fencers Fancy Fencing

Fancy Fencing

Stage-fighting, and especially sword-fighting, is important to the plot of many Shakespearean plays. In theatre, fights are based on precise choreography.

Martha Graham's Errand into the Maze Interpreting Mythology Through Dance

Interpreting Mythology Through Dance

In this lesson, students learn about Ancient Egyptian rituals and attitudes about death and the afterlife.

Hula dancers Island Breezes: Exploring Hula Dance

Island Breezes: Exploring Hula Dance

A hula dance is a choreographed interpretation of a poetic text, or mele, that tells a story through hand and arm gestures and rhythmic patterns.

Native American Weaving Life of a Navajo Weaver

Life of a Navajo Weaver

Students experiment with interpretative dance as they recreate the weaving process to Native American music

moccasins Moccasins Are Made for Dancing

Moccasins Are Made for Dancing

Students will read either of Tomie DePaola’s versions of two Native American legends: The Legend of the Bluebonnet or The Legend of the Indian Paintbrush.

Painting of Nureyev by Jamie Wyeth Nureyev: After Petipa

Nureyev: After Petipa

Nureyev’s early life and work were affected by changing social, political, and cultural forces in Russia. His artistic genius was influenced by the work of Marius Petipa.

Painting of Nureyev by Jamie Wyeth Nureyev: Bringer of Light

Nureyev: Bringer of Light

This lesson focuses on the alignment of Nureyev’s artistic endeavors and achievements in the dance world of the West.

Painting of Nureyev by Jamie Wyeth Nureyev: The Unconquerable Will

Nureyev: The Unconquerable Will

This lesson provides an overview of how creative expression developed in the West, particularly in the development of dance.

Mali Mask Sundiata, Mali’s Lion King

Sundiata, Mali’s Lion King

This lesson introduces the legendary Malian king Sundiata Keita, known as the Lion King of Mali, by using elements of traditional Malian festivals.

Model of a human showing muscular striations kicking a soccer ball. Systems of the Body: Movement and Choreography

Systems of the Body: Movement and Choreography

In this lesson, students will create movement patterns that express information about the basic systems, organs, and processes of the human body

Ballet Dancers Language of Ballet

Language of Ballet

This lesson introduces students to the French vocabulary of ballet. They will learn basic ballet vocabulary through both verbal and technological instruction.

Kecak Dance, Uluwatu temple The Monkey Dance: Exploring Balinese Culture

The Monkey Dance: Exploring Balinese Culture

The Kecak is a Balinese dance drama based on the Hindu epic Ramayana, which was compiled between 500 and 400 BC.

Weather Patterns Weather and Wind

Weather and Wind

This lesson introduces the expanding and condensing properties of air masses and the unequal heating of Earth as the force behind the wind

Irish Dancers You’re Invited to a Ceili: Exploring Irish Dance

You’re Invited to a Ceili: Exploring Irish Dance

Listen to Irish music, learn about ceilis, which are festive dance celebrations, view the intricate costumes worn by Irish dancers, and listen to an Irish poem.

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