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  Man of La Mancha

This two to three day unit for grades 5-8 focuses on the video of the musical, Man of La Mancha. Students study and discuss the inherent themes, some of which are idealism, realism, chivalry, and friendship. They also use their Spanish vocabulary to describe and draw scenes.

The Enduring Quest

Senior High students delve into the world of Cervantes from several different aspects, exploring Don Quixote as an enduring western literary tradition, a mirror of the Late Medieval Renaissance Era, and a continual source of inspiration for other forms of art expression.

Discovering Opera 

Introduce your students to the elements of an opera through this eight-lesson exploration of Verdi's Rigoletto. Geared for upper elementary and middle school students, the lessons examine the elements of developing plot and character as well as how Verdi used operatic conventions and tonal shading to create dramatic tension and unforgettable musical characterizations.