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Discovering Opera

Unit Overview

Who is Rigoletto?

What is the Structure of the Story?

Why Do These Characters Act This Way?

From Story to Stage

Developing a Libretto

The Composer and the Librettist

Operatic Conventions

How Do Words and Music Help Us Understand the Characters


The Enduring Quest
Man of La Mancha


Discovering Opera Icon

Discovering Opera through Rigoletto

Direction Cards


You are Rigoletto and you are making fun of a man whose daughter has been disgraced. How would you react when he curses you?

You are the Duke and you have fallen in love with an innocent girl. How do you get her to trust you?

You are Rigoletto and some courtiers want you to help them play a trick on someone. They want to blindfold you. How do you react?

You are the Assassin and you want to lure the Duke to your tavern to kill him. How would you get him to visit you?

You are Gilda and you have just heard a plot to kill the man that you love. How will you save him?