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Discovering Opera


The Enduring Quest
Man of La Mancha

The Enduring Quest

A Study of Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra's Novel Don Quixote

This unit is designed to immerse students in Cervantes's novel, Don Quixote, from several different perspectives. The primary goal is to help students understand what aspects of the novel have contributed to its standing as one of the most valued and enduring literary sources in the western literary tradition. Students will also discuss how, over many decades, the novel has been a seminal inspiration for several genres of art expression.

We encourage teachers to use the unit as a whole; the lessons are not designed as stand-alone lesson plans and are presented here in this manner. Please feel free, however, to adapt this unit to your own needs. If you do revise the plan, please share your changes with us, as they may expand and enrich this resource for other educators across the country.

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