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Don Quixote: A Synopsis

Don Quixote, the novel and its characters, straddles the line between being a great classic and a modern novel. It was an instant best-seller in 1604 and has continued to enthrall and appeal to audiences of all levels and all ages. This section provides a short summary of both parts of the book as well as provides links to authoritative Web sites on the novel.

Things to Think About

quix·ot·ic foolishly impractical esp. in the pursuit of ideals; capricious; unpredictable.

The novel has inspired countless dialogues on the origin of its author as well as some of the influences on the characters and history. This section examines the "buzz" that continues to surround Cervantes, including the long-standing theory that he and Shakespeare were the same person.

The Art of Translation

What makes a good translation? This part looks at two different versions of Cervantes' Preface to the novel as well as the original text in Spanish. Students learning Spanish can compare their own translations with that of Ormsby.