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Teens on Laptops ARTSEDGE Flash Interactives

ARTSEDGE Flash Interactives

This collection features legacy ARTSEDGE interactives built in Adobe Flash, which is not supported on some popular mobie devices (like Apple iPads and iPhones). Rather than promote content that is likely to be unusable to many users, we are beginning a process of assessing, repurposing, and in some cases, retiring the content in these interactives.

Abraham Lincoln Abraham Lincoln and Music

Abraham Lincoln and Music

Abraham Lincoln was one of America's most unmusical presidents - he could neither play an instrument nor carry a tune

African Dance African Dance

African Dance

These five-minute video lessons will help you learn the posture and isolations common in African dance, and about two African drums, the cajon and the djembe

Andes Manta Andes Manta

Andes Manta

Andes Manta performs the vibrant music of the Andes on more than 35 traditional instruments. From the lyrical sound of the quena, or Andean Flute, to the haunting tones of the six-foot long pan-pipes, the music of Andes Manta is an experience that never fails to bring audiences to their feet.

Arabesque Podcast cover Arabesque: Music of the Arab World

Arabesque: Music of the Arab World

A 3-part audio series that explores different aspects of Arab music: the musical instruments of the Arab World; what makes Arab music unique; and the styles of music in the Arab World

Casals at the White House Art in Camelot: The Arts in the Kennedy Years

Art in Camelot: The Arts in the Kennedy Years

Through his words and examples, President Kennedy raised awareness of the importance of the arts in America

moon Art/Space


How do composers hear space? What does space sound like? Is there music in space? Narrated by Roger Launius of the Space History Division of the National Air and Space Museum, this series looks at the way music and outer space connect.

Artfully Speaking Artfully Speaking

Artfully Speaking

An audio series pulled from lectures, workshops and other events for educators presented by and through the Education Department of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

Balkan Quartet Balkan Quartet

Balkan Quartet

Specializing in Gypsy music, these versatile musicians from the heart of the Balkans perform music from the region

Beethoven Rocks!

Beethoven Rocks!

Part 1 of the Beethoven Rocks series: Get to know Classical music's biggest star

audio mixer Ben Burtt: The Sounds of Star Wars

Ben Burtt: The Sounds of Star Wars

Meet Ben Burtt, Sound Designer for films like Star Wars, Raiders of the Lost Ark and WALL-E. Learn how he comes up with sounds that complement the amazing things seen on the silver screen – from laser blasts to whirring, buzzing lightsabers. Find out the story behind some of his signature effects and how he first got interested in sound design.

Boys Choir Black Choral Music: Boys Choir of Tallahassee

Black Choral Music: Boys Choir of Tallahassee

In the late 19th century, Harry Burleigh-a protege of Antonin Dvorak-took the musical style to new heights with choral arrangements informed by his classical training. Modern choral music takes on many different forms, and is often accompanied by the piano, percussion, and bass.

Blood, Guts, & Gore Blood, Guts, and Gore

Blood, Guts, and Gore

These video tutorials offer step-by-step guides for homemade fake blood and other gory stage effects. The series is hosted by stuntman and special effects professional Greg Poljacik.

Blues Journey Blues Journey

Blues Journey

Out of the hardships of Black Americans at the turn of the 20th century came the blues, a music that helped ease their suffering.

Willie from Blues Journey Blues Journey: Page to Stage

Blues Journey: Page to Stage

Join playwright Jerome Hairson and director Scot Reese as they bring the story of Blues Journey from page to stage, developing the original book of blues lyrics into a fully realized play, rich with musical performances. Blues Journey follows the life of a blues performer as he learns to play, finds fame, and witnesses the blues evolve into rock-and-roll in this world premiere Kennedy Center original production based on the children's book by Walter Dean Myers.

Grupo Fantasma Border Music: Grupo Fantasma

Border Music: Grupo Fantasma

Along the Texas-Mexican border in the 19th century, Mexicans, Native Americans, and Anglo-Americans living in the region intermingled with European immigrants looking for new opportunities. The clash and fusion of multiple languages and traditions resulted in a distinct "Tejano" culture.

Tremé Brass Band Brass Music: Tremé Brass Band

Brass Music: Tremé Brass Band

Follow behind a parade in New Orleans and you'll still be a part of the show. Whether a parade was organized for a celebration or funeral, honorees and others in the main procession would be followed by a "second line" of participants hoping to get closer to the rhythms of the brass bands.

Michael Doucet Cajun Music: Michael Doucet

Cajun Music: Michael Doucet

Louisiana-based Cajun music has roots in unaccompanied, narrative ballads brought by European settlers. Cajun songs, traditionally sung in French, fused narrative balladry, Irish and Anglo-American reels and jigs, and Black and Native American folk traditions.

Blue Note Celebrating Blue Note

Celebrating Blue Note

This audio series celebrates the history and style of Blue Note Records on its 75th anniversary. Narrated by Susan Stamberg for the Kennedy Center.

US Air Force buglar Jari Villanueva Ceremonial Brass

Ceremonial Brass

Musicians have always played an important part in the military. This series explores not only the history of military music, but also the diverse ceremonial and entertainment roles of musicians in the military.

Peking Opera China: Arts & Culture

China: Arts & Culture

This video series brings you a glimpse of the history and diversity of China's performing arts

Greece City Dionysia: The Ancient Roots of Modern Theater

City Dionysia: The Ancient Roots of Modern Theater

Designed to support high school studies of theater, literature and world history, this site leads students though the development of Ancient ideas and contemporary theater practice, then on to write and stage their own original play while demonstrating an understanding of the rules and structure of Greek tragedy.

Violin head Classical Music in America

Classical Music in America

Follow the course of classical music in America from colonial times to the present in a series of NPR podcasts.

JFK in Berlin Cultural Diplomacy

Cultural Diplomacy

Even while the United States was entering the Cold War with the Soviet Union in 1961, the Kennedy administration strengthened their commitment to cultural diplomacy. This audio story highlights some of the important ways President Kennedy used the arts to help improve the image of the United States around the world.

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1-24 of 123 Results:

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