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Greetings from Beijing!

January 25, 1999

January 25, 1999

Today I was on the plane and in airports for 24 hours straight. First, I went to Dulles airport in Washington DC to get on a 14 and a half-hour flight to Tokyo. That took a long time! In the Tokyo airport, we had a two and a half-hour layover. From Tokyo airport we had a three-hour flight to Dalian, China. After a turbulent takeoff, I started feeling really awful and motion-sick, but I felt better after about an hour. In Dalian we had a 45-minute layover to go through customs. From there we took a one-hour flight to Beijing. Then, on our last leg of the journey, we took a 55-minute bus ride to our hotel. I slept for three hours on the flight to Tokyo, and all the way to Dalian, Beijing, and the hotel.

-- Alice :-)

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