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Greetings from Beijing!

January 27, 1999

January 27, 1999

Today I went to the Forbidden City. It was very interesting. The Forbidden City is actually on big palace. There are 9,999 rooms in the palace. I think everything in the Forbidden City is the real thing. I got a poster that shows a panoramic (aerial) view of the city/palace. Along the side are the emperorsí "chops". A chop is the emperorís name on a stone, which serves as a stamp. My favorite part of the trip was when our guide talked about the empress Cu Xi (pronounced a little bit like sushi). She was the first empress. She was promoted when her husband (the emperor) died. Today we walked from the South Gate to the North Gate, which is one kilometer (0.6 mile). That was not so good because my ankle hurts a little from walking on the Great Wall. There are many pieces of the Forbidden City. We did not get to see all of them. Tonight I am going to a Chinese acrobat show. Chinese acrobats are simply amazing. Ever since I have seen pictures of these acrobats, I have wanted to see them perform live.

I just got back from seeing the acrobats. They were spectacular!!!!! There were some girls and boys about 9 years old, they were the ones who performed the most difficult tricks. I just sat there, wide-eyed. They were doing flips, but they were doing flips through hoops, from pole to pole, and into each otherís arms. There was also a lot of balancing acts. People on balancing on huge soccer balls and unicycles, at the same time. People were balancing plates on their heads, doing flips with plates in their hands, tossing plates onto their head with their foot, and swinging plates on tiny poles. The girls were amazingly flexible, and the boys amazingly strong. There was one little boy "skateboarding" with a can and a board, then with three cans stacked up, then with five cans.

-- Alice :-)

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