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Greetings from Shanghai!

January 29, 1999

January 29, 1999

Today we flew from Beijing to Shanghai. The flight took two hours. We had a very rough landing because the plane came in too fast. That made the plane bounce when it hit the ground. Then we had an hour bus ride. We might go to an acrobat show tonight. I think that I like Shanghai a little bit better than Beijing. Beijing has too much pollution, and has too many high-rises and skyscrapers. Shanghai has some of that, but not as much. Today we are going out to dinner, and then going to the acrobat show. I liked the show I went to in Beijing so much that I wanted to go again. The acrobat show actually takes place in this building. Iíll write more later . . .

I finally got to the acrobat show. When my mom asked at the front desk where to get tickets, they said there was no show tonight. I was heartbroken. Then we heard that there was a show, but it was sold out. I got even sadder. When my mom inquired if there was any other acrobat show in town, they said a few seats had just been turned in (Why would anyone turn in tickets to an acrobat show?). So I got to go. There were some magic tricks, and a few comedy acts. My favorite act was the act that is pictured on this page. I cannot describe this act in words. Iím so tired that Iím going to go to bed right now.

-- Alice :-)

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