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Greetings from Oita!

February 4, 1999



February 4, 1999

Today was not as complicated as yesterday. We were going to fly to Nagoya directly from the Oita airport, but the airport was still closed. We took a train through some very beautiful, snowy countryside. When we got to the airport (in Fukuoka), we found out that our flight was delayed. (I was very surprised to hear our Japanese guide tell us to anticipate delays.) Our flight was originally going to be a half-hour late, but it ended up being 50 minutes. The plane ride was fine. When we took a bus to the hotel we had another delay, not because of snow, but because the emperor was leaving the hotel. Later we found out that it was a member of the royal family, not the emperor (maybe the emperorís cousin). Tonight there is no concert, so my mom and I are going to relax and take a hot bath!!!!!

-- Alice :-)

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