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Greetings from Nagoya and Hamamatsu!

February 6, 1999

February 6, 1999

Today I visited the shrine at Atsuta Jingu, on the southern side of Nagoya. We were lucky to see a bride and groom having their pictures taken just after their wedding, and two newborn babies that had just been blessed by a Shinto priest. The bride was dressed up very fancy in a traditional Japanese wedding dress, a white silk quilted kimono. The babies were swaddled in lots and lots of red, pink, and white silk. The shrine was very interesting, and it was very beautiful walking around in the woods. We saw several roosters that were so funny, because they kept crowing at each other, defending their territory. We also saw a big turtle swimming in a lake. The bridge pictured is from the 15th century. Later, we traveled by bus to Hamamatsu, where the NSO played a concert. I can see Mt. Fuji from my hotel room window!

-- Alice :-)

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