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OUt and AboutPakistani culture outside the home is often more formal than in America. In school, many children wear uniforms. When their teacher enters the classroom, they stand and say “Salaam alekum!” which means “peace be with you” as a sign of respect.





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Friday, or Juma, is the holiest day of the week, and many people have Friday afternoon off from work so that they (often just the men) can go to the mosque for prayers.

In both urban and rural areas, seasonal festivals are an important expression of public life. Many festivals are religious, celebrating important events or holidays, but others are regional or arts-focused events, celebrated by people of all religious backgrounds.

Sports and Entertainment

On Sunday, Pakistanis take a day off and spend time recreationally; public parks are a popular destination for small gatherings, competitive games and relaxation. Favorite team sports include Cricket, which is a British game similar to baseball; Polo, a stick and ball game played on horseback that has its origins in Central Asia 2000 years ago; and Kabbadi, a rough and tumble sport where players dodge and tag their opponents in a game that resembles a cross between rugby and wrestling.

Movies made in the city of Lahore, where the film industry is nicknamed “Lollywood”–a play on India’s “Bollywood”—are popular. Large outdoor murals are often painted to promote the movies and the actors who star in them.