Your Brain on Music

Music has the power to motivate and soothe, no doubt about it. But exactly how does it work its magic? Why do certain songs trigger joy or the urge to dance, while others inspire tears or fear?

These are questions brain researchers are exploring in their labs today. Scientists are studying how our brains process rhythm, tone, and pitch, revealing clues about why we respond in the ways we do. And new technologies are revealing reasons why music—whether it’s reggae, rap, rock, or Rachmaninoff—is celebrated in every human culture.

Your Brain On Music
The amazing sound system in the human brain helps explain why people everywhere fill their lives with music
Your Brain On Music
When songs get stuck... get stuck... get stuck... in our brains
Your Brain On Music
Music that goes bump in the night
Your Brain On Music
Putting the "sad" in sad songs
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