Words of Vision and Revision

KC Connection

Words of Vision and Revision

Consider how history can inspire change through great art and creativity

henry fonda in the grapes of wrath


The Grapes of Wrath: Voice and Vision

Help students build a framework in which to embed a close study of Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath

Cracking Open The Nutcracker


Cracking Open The Nutcracker

Explore the most popular ballet of all time

Conducting choir


Understanding Different Voice Types

A look at vocal types and the various colors and textures of the human voice


Your Brain On Music


When songs get stuck... get stuck... get stuck... in our brains

Great white shark

Your Brain On Music

Chills and Thrills: Music That Goes Bump in the Night

Music that goes bump in the night

Skeleton Story


The Skeleton of a Scary Story

Have you ever wanted to scare your friends around the campfire? This article will tell you how!

Halloween Spooktacular


NSO Family Concert: Halloween Spooktacular!

Is it ever cool to "boo" the orchestra? It is on Halloween!

Hip-Hop artists


Hip-Hop: A Culture of Vision and Voice

Hip-hop is global, lapping on every shore and landing at every airport. But what does Hip-Hop mean?

Words of Love


Love in Poetry and Words

Love: the wit, wisdom, and poetry it inspires


Audio Series

Poetry Out Loud

How does poetry change when it transforms from written to spoken word?

Bessie Smith


Hear With Your Eyes: Jazz and Art

How to hear Bessie Smith “sing” in Romare Bearden’s art

Alvin Ailey's Revelations

Master + Work

Alvin Ailey and Revelations

Find out how Ailey explored themes of African American heritage and culture through dance

Jazz In DC

Audio Series

Jazz in DC

Jazz musicians Billy Taylor and Frank Wess lead you through their hometown's music scene in this six-part audio series

Teens on Laptops


ARTSEDGE Flash Interactives

Legacy tools built in Flash, which is not supported on some popular mobie devices.


Norman Rockwell and The Problem We All Live With

In The Problem We All Live With, artist Norman Rockwell took a stand against racism

We Shall Overcome mural

The Story Behind The Song

We Shall Overcome

In this story, find out how a song helped steel the courage of African Americans as they struggled for civil rights

President Obama


Picturing the Presidency

Shadowing the president is difficult, but White House photographers must capture every moment for history

Loie Fuller


The Rebellious Streak: Dancing to Different Rules

Early modern dancers were rebels who weren't afraid to redefine dance

USMC Memorial

The Story Behind The Song

The Marines' Hymn

This article gives you the stories behind the words—“From the Halls of Montezuma, To the shores of Tripoli”

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Musical Theater Performance

Field Guide: Dramatic Do's and Don'ts
Everything you need to know before you go to a play or musical theater performance

Migrant Mother by Dorothea Lange

Master + Work: Dorothea Lange and Migrant Mother
See how Lange used her camera to tell the story of Depression-era Americans


Article: Do You Wanna Dance?
Want to understand how dance works? Learn the five elements that make up the foundation of this art form: body, action, time, space, and energy

Contemporary Dancers

Field Guide: Dance Do's and Don'ts
Everything you need to know before you go to a dance performance

Cracking Open The Nutcracker

Article: Cracking Open The Nutcracker
Explore the most popular ballet of all time

Atlanta Opera's production of Cosi Fan Tutte

Article: Cozying up to Così
A guide to Mozart's hilarious romantic comedy


Series: Connections
Music shares some surprising connections to mathematics, language, and science. Learn about them in this series adapted from concerts performed at the Kennedy Center.

Great white shark

Your Brain On Music: Chills and Thrills: Music That Goes Bump in the Night
Creators of spooky tunes know exactly what they are doing to send shivers down the spines of listeners

Soup Kitchen

The Story Behind The Song: Brother Can You Spare a Dime?
When Americans were humbled by the Great Depression, this song gave voice to their fears and feelings of loss

La Traviata

Article: Boy Meets Girl, Girl Meets Tragic End
You haven't experienced stage romance until you've experienced opera. Here's a look at opera in love

Death of a Salesman

Master + Work: Arthur Miller and Death of a Salesman
Arthur Miller’s voice of social conscience and theatrical imagination changed the face of American theater. Meet him through his masterwork, Death of a Salesman.

Alvin Ailey's Revelations

Master + Work: Alvin Ailey and Revelations
Find out how Ailey explored themes of African American heritage and culture through dance

Agnes De Mille

Master + Work: Agnes de Mille and Rodeo
This all-American master changed the stage of choreography in musical theater. Learn how

Young Female Singer

Article: Advice on Taking Care of Your Voice
Debunk myths about singing and learn the ABC's of how your voice works

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