Visiting the Kennedy Center

Show Time!

For elementary school audiences

Welcome to the KC

You’re here. Hooray! 

No, seriously, you’re about to have fun. How much fun? More fun than the kids who stayed home sick today, that’s for sure. Probably more fun than the audience members still stuck in traffic.

Why? Because this show rocks. 

Better yet, it’s alive! Or, as they say, it’s live. Moving, breathing human beings are in this show. They might even look at you. Or sneeze unexpectedly. Anything could happen.

Well, almost anythingThere are a few rules.

Before the curtain rises, keep these things in mind...

  • Shhhh. It’s not TV. Real people are up there. This means no talking. No snacking. (And no commercials!)

  • Laugh. If it’s funny.

  • Cry. If it’s sad.

    Your friend: Ha ha ha!
    You: That tornado just destroyed their home. You’re not following directions at all.

  • Open your mouth like you’re really impressed. If you’re really impressed!

  • Clap. At the end of the show, you have to do something so the actors know you liked it. If you’re a millionaire, throw gold at the actors. Most kids aren’t millionaires, so they just clap.

  • Thank ushers. They’re always doing nice things, like holding doors and handing out programs. Ushers are kind of like unsung heroes.

    You: Thank you for ushing!
    Usher: “Ushing” is not a real word. And please be quiet during the show.
    You: Thank you for shushing!

  • Got to go? Use the restroom before the show. If it’s an emergency, quietly excuse yourself and leave the theater. But only if it’s an emergency.

  • Most importantly, enjoy the show!



Marina Ruben
Original Writer

Editors & Producers

Lisa Resnick
Content Editor

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